Leroy Somer – AVR

Leroy Somer – AVR

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Product Description

Leroy-Somer AVRs benefit from all Leroy-Somer’s experience in the electronics field. They have been designed to comply with market requirements in terms of characteristics, performance, conformity with standards and reliability.

Their main characteristics are :
• Simple, user-friendly user interfaces
• Power switching transistor offers an optimum response to interference generated by distorting loads
• Voltage regulation ±0.5% in steady state with rapid response time (< 500 ms)
• Optimised mechanical design for resistance to vibration and harsh environments, with coated electronic circuits
• Conformity with IEC 60034-1 and UL 508

Systems that help take account of load impact/load shedding are built into Leroy-Somer AVRs.

U/f function
• Load impacts taken into account
• Instant response from the AVR below the underspeed threshold
• Gradual voltage return to rated voltage

LAM function
• Load Acceptance Module
• Reduction in voltage drop and duration of speed variation of the diesel engine
• Possible increase in the applied load for the same speed variation
• Adaptive tuning LAM for load impacts > 60%

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