Consignment Stock for construction and rental companies

Welfare Machinery Trading offers consignment stock for construction and rental companies where there is a need to reduce the value of inventory held on site and free up cash flow.

Welfare Machinery Trading consignment is arranged after consultation with the customer to establish a stock profile, usually based upon one month’s usage, plus an allowance to cover any exceptional production demands. The day to day stock is managed by the customer and will only be invoiced as it is replenished. Welfare Machinery Trading will monitor stock levels periodically to ensure adequate levels are maintained.

To implement this arrangement a contractual agreement is required and minimum quantity guarantees may be required on special items. However, the customer benefits from:

1. Paying only for what is used
2. Prices fixed for extended periods
3. Only one order placed over the period of the agreement
4. The comfort of knowing no downtime is incurred as a result of stock outs

If you would like further information then please contact our team:

Direct dial: +971 4 234 6630

Maintenance Contract for parts

Welfare Machinery Trading’s maintenance service contracts are aimed at strengthening the close, longstanding relationship between us and the customers. The service contract is always tailored to the customer’s needs based on the operating requirements of the particular machine equipment.

Our maintenance service contracts focus on preventive maintenance, small and larger repairs, supplying spare parts, monitoring and regularly assessing the machine’s condition including remote on-line monitoring. Service contracts define inspection and on-line monitoring report intervals, the response time for the arrival of specialized staff who set the priority for handling urgent matters.

Your benefits:

1. Your machinery is always in good working order
2. Your maintenance resources are free for other work
3. Longer machinery service life
4. Reduced repair costs and eliminated losses from outages
5. Improved operating conditions
6. Transparent costs

For more information contact our specialists.

Door to door export solution for parts

Welfare Machinery Trading offers one-stop-shop solutions for door to door export of machinery parts anywhere in the world through our global logistics network. We offer professionalism and integrity at an extremely competitive price.

Our machinery department specialises in the export of genuine brands, parts and accessories of diesel power generators such as Perkins, FG Wilson, Cummins as well as filtration products from Baldwin, Fleet Guard and Donaldson brands. In the Middle East and Africa, our team have a diversity of skills and broad experience, which enables us to provide a seamless service which meets customers’ needs. At the heart of our operation is Holistic Project Management – we take care of every project from procurement to delivery. We reinforce this process through the Japanese philosophy of ‘Kaizen’ which seeks to continuously improve all functions of our business resulting in offering value to our customer. Using our extensive global network we are able to provide you with an extensive range of spare parts to suit your requirements at reduced costs offering you a single source from different suppliers. We offer consolidated shipments, sea freight/ air freight deliveries facilitated by a seamless ordering system.

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